Friday, 10 September 2010


Cottages - Dungeness
Originally uploaded by Fred Dawson
Dungeness offers many interesting photographic opportunities, a nuclear power station, light houses, decaying fishing boats, bungalows and acres of shingle. It’s within easy reach of London on the Kent coat between Rye and Folkestone.

Dungeness features in the Guardian Camera Club report on Rob Painter  who participated in the housing photography monthly assignment.

“The great thing about these pictures of shacks in Dungeness is the light. It looks like Rob took these on a perfect summer's day and the quality of the light along with the sunburnt grass has given a hot, dusty feel that hangs over all the images in the set.

The clean light has given a stillness which complements the simple way that the photographs have been shot with no converging verticals.There is a good range of tight and wider shots, that hold the viewer's attention. There is an absence of people, but for some reason this doesn't matter, the shacks are more like found objects than dwelling places. Good work and wait - the pictures makes you want to visit Essex!”

The only thing I would say is about the geography is wrong Dungeness is not in Essex but I do share his sentiments about the unique landscape that is Dungeness

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