Saturday, 9 March 2013

Review - RPS workshop “Where to From L?”

The London region of the RPS organised  a workshop “Where to From L?” on Friday 8 March lead by Will Cheung.  The workshop was held in a small photographic studio/venue about 5mins from Greenwich station.

The day started with introductions and the timetable. There were only about 8 of us at the workshop which made for a lot of interaction rather than be just talked to The morning was spent viewing images (prints and PDIs) that people had brought along. I took my L panel prints and a few other prints along.   Will started by explaining the difference between a LRPS and ARPS panel  and asked about when we intended to go for an ARPS.  

He looked through everyone's images and provided a very useful feedback about what was needed to be improved for a successful A panel.  After lunch everyone had an one on one with Will for about 20 minutes. To firm up on  the way ahead.   The will be a private Flickr group set up so that Will can provide feedback as everyone begins to develop their ARPS  panels. I will probably attend a future  workshop in the Autumn for some more feedback on how my panels are progressing

I would recommend this type of workshop for anyone contemplating the move to ARPS, it was great fun, I met some very interesting people and picked up some great ideas.

BTW   Will Cheung FRPS is Editor of the Advanced Photographer magazine which I also recommend

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