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The Assignment

The Assignment

The idea behind the assignment is for people  to respond to a brief  and present a  panel of 10 images.  To provide a short explanation of how you went about interpreting the brief,  and  the choice of images.

The idea is, rather than focusing getting marks from a judge from  single images, but to develop peoples creative thinking and skills as photographers. 

 All images are to have been  created  after the start date of the assignment, the use of old images is NOT allowed. The idea is to get people out, taking new photographs not rummaging through their collections of old images.

Images can be made using cameras or scanners, Image manipulation using software such as Photoshop elements etc is allowed.

Images can be presented as prints  ( no larger than A4 ) or as PDIs, this is intended to keep costs down. Prints can be mounted directly on card without the need for cutting mounts. 
Time scale  

Starts at the AGM with presentations of the panels at a Club evening  from July onwards  date to be finalised by mid February 

The assignments are open to all Malden Camera Club members,  members  can enter as individuals or as a group entry.  Members should let me know the details of the assignment they have chosen and whether its an individual or group entry. 

 Art Deco to explore art deco and to produce a set of ten images that capture the spirit of art deco 

 A Day in the Life of… This is a great project to document a particular occupation. For example, you could take photographs of a nurse at work to show all the various aspects of his or her job. It may take you more than one day of shooting to capture a representative set of images.

After Dark. We don’t always think to take our cameras out at night. Try shooting after dark. If you’re in the country, you can shoot moonlight or star trails. In the city, you can shoot vehicles’ tail-light trails or downtown buildings. Wherever you are, you can try light-painting – using a long exposure, and moving a flashlight over parts of the scene.

A bench in a public place . Take your camera a public place and capture some images .

 Mortality and aging Life and death,  the fragility and transient nature of all life

 New Malden a vibrant London suburb

If you go down to woods....

Life on the move


Members will provide a hanging plan for the prints allowing them  to arranged for atheistic impact.  Members are invited to talk about how they interpreted the assignment and what lead to their choice of images. People attending the presentation will be invited to comment, ask questions and to discuss the panel presented.  

Further information 
Fred Dawson
3 Barnsbury Close, New Malden, Surrey KT3 5BP
Home:  020 8287 2176
Mobile:  07973 169338



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