Wednesday, 21 July 2010

BRING & BUY SALE 2nd September

This is your opportunity to dispose of all that photographic gear that is taking up space in the back of that cupboard. Not only photographic items but any gadgets or paraphernalia that might attract a buyer. To make the evening interesting we need plenty of stuff (but not bric-abrac).

The object is to raise funds for the club and, hopefully, for you to dispose of unwanted items. Items can be disposed of in one of two ways:-

1. ltems can be donated to the club. Attach a label (securely) giving your name, and stating 'DONATED' and giving a suggested value. The whole proceeds will go to club funds and should the buyer wish to haggle the 'CASHIER' will decide what is acceptable.

2. ltems may be sold by the owner and the CLUB will deduct 10% commission. Attach a label giving your name and a suggested value. lf the buyer wishes to haggle this should be negotiated with the seller. Once a price has been agreed, mark the label with the agreed price and take the label and the total cash to the'CASHIER'

3. At the end of the evening the 'CASHIER' will distribute the funds collected as appropriate. All unsold items must be removed by the owner at the end of the evening.

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