Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Surrey InterClub Slide Competition 2011

After the success of this years Surrey InterClub Slide Competition, with 14 clubs taking part, a second competition is planned for 2011.

Date:- Saturday 15th January, 2011

Time:- 5 p.m. for 6 p.m. start

Venue:- Molesey Methodist Church Manor Road, East Molesey.

Judge:- Ron Tear ARPS, MPAGB

The rules will be the same as this year i.e.

1. Each club must submit 8 35mm slides mounted in glassless Gepe type mounts. No individual can submit more than three slides.

2. All images must be film based and produced in camera. No digital manipulations whatsoever is acceptable.

3. Images must not have been submitted to a previous SPA competitions.

You will be competiting for The Surrey Plate, won last year by Richmond and Twickenham P.S.

There will be a small entry fee in the region of £7.50 per club.

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