Friday, 5 February 2010

Guardian Camera Club a resource for improving your photography

MCC members might be interested in the Guardian Camera Club. One of the good aspect are the assignments which serve to add focus and discipline to learning how to improve our photography.

"The Guardian Camera Club
Camera Club is a new page on the website dedicated to still photography. This is the Flickr group for Camera Club.

The Guardian Camera Club page is the main place to find information concerning the Guardian Camera Club. Please check the page regularly if you are interested in participating. On this page you will be able to see:

a. Blogs (including tips and thoughts on monthly assignments).
b. Reviews of portfolios and assignments which have been submitted through flickr.
c. Audio slideshows and videos relating to monthly assignments.
d. Photography tips and camera reviews.

Upload your portfolios and one of the Guardian's picture editors will select the best to review. There are two categories you can get involved in:

Portfolios. These should be a maximum of 6 pictures and should be a representation of your work. A portfolio could showcase one subject or cover a variety of different pictures. However, as a set, they should hang together stylistically. Please mark your images with the same tag, for instance yournameportfolio (eg. johnsmithportfolio). This allows us to easily view your submission as a set.

Monthly assignments. The monthly assignment is an opportunity to create a fresh set of images which fulfil a specific brief therefore we won't consider any pictures which have been taken before the assignment was announced. A maximum of 6 pictures should be tagged, for instance, yournamenovemberassignment (eg. johnsmithnovemberassignment). Each month you have an opportunity to enter a photograph in a competition (the prize is a Nikon D5000). This competition ties in with the monthly assignment and your entry should be a single image from that set of pictures (and is therefore bound by the rules of the assignment). Due to the Nikon sponsorship each new assignment is announced on the 16th (or as near as possible to that date if it falls on a weekend).

This month's assignment is macro photography. "

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