Friday, 8 May 2009

Photojournalism” by Helene Rogers DipAD FRPS FBIPP FMPA.

Last evening we had the pleasure of a talk entitled “Photojournalism” by Helene Rogers DipAD FRPS FBIPP FMPA.

During the presentation we were shown a variety of images on themes including religion, kittens and travel. Helene explained her approach to photography and touched on her involvement and approach to selling pictures. She mentioned that there are over a million images in her library. During the course of the evening it became very clear that she is very skilled at talking and persuading people to allow her to take photographs

Stock Photography

Art Directors & Trip was formed in 1996 when Trip Photographic Library acquired the Art Directors Photo Library. The Art Directors Photo Library was established in the early 1970s and TRIP was set up by photographers Helene Rogers and Bob Turner in 1992. The library has a broad cross-section of clients covering both the advertising and editorial markets, stretching across the world, that are serviced directly and through a network of overseas agencies.

Some more of Helene’s stock photographs

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